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What is MUSTANG?

The Miami University Software Technology & Analysis Group (MUSTANG) is a research group comprised of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and various alumni who engage in software engineering research at Miami University. MUSTANG is a research group within the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, where the faculty members instruct courses in the Software Engineering Curriculum.

Interested In Joining MUSTANG?

We are always interested in working with undergraduate and graduate researchers on new and exciting research. How you get involved depends on the type of research you are looking to take part in.

Undergraduate Research: If you are looking to work on a project over the summer term or during the school year, your first step is to reach out to one of our faculty members to discuss potential opportunities.

Graduate Research: In order to become a graduate student with the lab, you will first need to be accepted into the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program at Miami University. In order to do this you need to apply through the Miami University Graduate School Application. Once accepted, you will be required to select an adviser during your first semester; to work within MUSTANG you need to contact any of our faculty members to discuss having them as your adviser.

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