Kaan T Koseler

MSc Student
Kaan's Picture
MSc, Miami University 2018

Email: koselekt@miamioh.edu

Research Interests: NA

Recent Publications

  • Koseler, Kaan and McGraw, Kelsea and Stephan, Matthew, "Realization of a Machine Learning Domain Specific Modeling Language: A Baseball Analytics Case Study", SCITEPRESS, International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development (Modelsward), February 2019

  • Koseler, Kaan and Stephan, Matthew, "Machine Learning Applications in Baseball: A Systematic Literature Review", Applied Artificial Intelligence, December 2017

  • Koseler, Kaan and Stephan, Matthew, "Towards the Realization of a DSML for Machine Learning: A Baseball Analytics Use Case", International Summer School on Domain-Specific Modeling Theory and Practice, July 2017